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How can Netflix Open Connect provide excellent service around the globe?

19 19.04.2019

Do you have a Netflix subscription? Yes. For sure you do. Almost everybody has one. It is available in more than 190 countries! No matter if you live in the USA or in Somalia, you can enjoy high-quali ...

What is Fog computing and should you care about it?

45 17.04.2019

There are so many types of computing out there. After cloud computing and edge computing, there’s also fog computing which has gained traction. But what is it and should you pay attention to it or is ...

5 Excellent Linux distributions for your servers

59 15.04.2019

So you have read our article “Windows or Linux for your servers” and you have decided to go with Linux. That’s a great first step! You will have a high level of freedom and enjoy professional open-sou ...

How will the the EU Copyright Directive reflect on internet companies

62 11.04.2019

In late March 2019, the European Parliament voted in favor of the new Copyright Directive with the aim to update it for the modern times. While this sounds perfectly reasonable, the end results caused ...

Tech must-haves of every startup

57 09.04.2019

So you and your team have a great idea. A new revolutionary application that will change the lives of everyone forever. You have already formed a team and defined roles. You have a business plan and a ...

Why browser caching matters in WordPress

61 04.04.2019

There are various types of caching methods, but a particular one causes more admin headaches than most methods – browser caching in WordPress. The reason is that there’s a vast amount of WordPress-bas ...

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