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Will realistic AI be good or bad for society

109 16.08.2018

“What AI needs is a dose of realism.” That’s what Oren Etzioni, an American entrepreneur, professor of Computer Science, and CEO of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence said to O’Reilly bac ...

The History of Data Centers

73 14.08.2018

What exactly is a data center? Before we get into the history, let’s define the term data center. It is a physical space, a facility that contains computer systems and related components. They can inc ...

Experts Recommend This Cybersecurity Plan for Your Company

62 08.08.2018

Cybersecurity is becoming a very important topic for companies. According to a research compilation by Blue Corona from early 2018, 77.6% of SMBs use social media for their marketing strategy. Studies ...

5 Uses of Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrencies

390 01.08.2018

Blockchain is a familiar term these days, mostly thanks to Bitcoin. And while many people think that the blockchain technology exists because of Bitcoin and is part of its network, technically it’s th ...

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Perfect Passwords

94 25.07.2018

“Be sure to use a strong password”. That’s one of the most repeated advice by cyber security experts ever. Yet, what exactly is a strong password? With today’s technologies and computing power, is it ...

12 tips to keep yourself safe in the digital age

89 18.07.2018

In 2018, the term “digital safety” is still neglected by many people. Despite the constant flow of cyber attacks, data breaches and malware spreading to all types of devices, even CCTV cameras, many p ...

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