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Cloud services continue to record strong growth

36 14.02.2019

The popularity of cloud services continues to rise with every quarter. The latest data from Canalys shows that Q4 of 2018 was characterized with strong gains for the cloud services. Leading the pack a ...

When will Intel’s shortage end?

49 12.02.2019

In the computer chips market there are just 2 names – Intel and AMD. Yes, Qualcomm are trying to succeed in the market. Yet their share is insignificant. So what happens when Intel, the biggest produc ...

What’s memcached and why do you need to use it

75 07.02.2019

Having a properly working website or app can make a big difference in your overall online presence. People will rarely wait for your site or service to load and caching is a vital part of optimizing y ...

So what is a Tensor processing unit (TPU) and why will it be the future of Machine Learning?

128 05.02.2019

So, for sure you know that a CPU is. GPU is probably something that you know too. But have you ever heard of a TPU? TPU stands for a tensor processing unit. Google produces these processors. They are ...

The history of the Apache HTTP Server, how it all came together

75 31.01.2019

Apache is quite the widespread word in the world of IT and not because of the military helicopter. It’s because of the Apache HTTP Server which over the years has become one of the most popular web se ...

Top tech of 2018

104 29.01.2019

2018 is gone! Yep, it is over, but was there anything that we should remember from it? On the surface, nothing new – Intel kept manufacturing 14nm processors; Apple kept producing more of the sa ...

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