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What is Multicloud and is it the next big thing?

191 27.09.2018

Just like there are several types of real clouds, there are a few IT clouds, as well. After the Public cloud, the Private cloud and the Hybrid cloud, now the Multicloud is gaining popularity. It’s not ...

Net Neutrality is back, this time in California

210 25.09.2018

Net Neutrality sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Probably because we covered this topic back in January. Its importance and benefits to the users in the States were made quite clear. What has happened sinc ...

Nvidia RTX 2080, do you really need to buy it?

248 20.09.2018

After more than two years, Nvidia is finally ready with their next-gen GeForce video cards. Should you jump on the hype wagon or should you wait until the reviews are out? There have been months of le ...

8 technologies which are still around and we don’t remember

310 18.09.2018

Technology is a great thing. It advances like nothing else at a pace which very few can handle, even within the same industry. As a result, there are often technologies which emerge, create a big foll ...

Will self-driving cars be secure enough

241 13.09.2018

Self-driving cars are definitely a very interesting concept. Especially if you don’t like driving, they can be an ideal solution to mundane journeys. But self-driving cars are essentially internet-con ...

Where is the physical location of the cloud?

234 11.09.2018

Cloud. No, not the one in the sky. We are talking about the digital cloud. The one that you use for your storage like Google Drive or for your work – Microsoft Office 365. These are cloud servic ...

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