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The history of the Apache HTTP Server, how it all came together

101 31.01.2019

Apache is quite the widespread word in the world of IT and not because of the military helicopter. It’s because of the Apache HTTP Server which over the years has become one of the most popular web se ...

Top tech of 2018

139 29.01.2019

2018 is gone! Yep, it is over, but was there anything that we should remember from it? On the surface, nothing new – Intel kept manufacturing 14nm processors; Apple kept producing more of the sa ...

Did WordPress mess up with the new update and post editor?

92 24.01.2019

There’s an unwritten rule when something works, you shouldn’t mess with it. Yet, many organizations think they know better and try to change things anyway. When a user uproar breaks out, the organizat ...

6 Reasons why Laravel is getting really popular

99 22.01.2019

There are many PHP web frameworks out there. Symfony, CodeIgniter, Zend, Yii 2, Phalcon and more. In this sea of options, there is one that is clearly developers’ favorite – Laravel. Laravel is an ope ...

The Biggest Tech Flops in 2018

99 17.01.2019

Ah, 2018. The IT industry will certainly not remember that year fondly. It started off rather well, but ended in a bad way. Lots of privacy scandals, political pressure, slowdown in major markets such ...

Project Stream and xCloud. Is this the future or is it a failure?

138 15.01.2019

Millennials have changed plenty of industries. Thanks to them we are moving from owning to just using items. Console gaming is the next “victim.” We used to have a real console at home, connected to a ...

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