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The Biggest Tech Flops in 2018

49 17.01.2019

Ah, 2018. The IT industry will certainly not remember that year fondly. It started off rather well, but ended in a bad way. Lots of privacy scandals, political pressure, slowdown in major markets such ...

Project Stream and xCloud. Is this the future or is it a failure?

60 15.01.2019

Millennials have changed plenty of industries. Thanks to them we are moving from owning to just using items. Console gaming is the next “victim.” We used to have a real console at home, connected to a ...

What really changed in the cloud in 2018

54 10.01.2019

2018 brought a lot of changes and challenges to the IT world. Of course, the cloud industry also got to experience new developments. But what really changed in the cloud in 2018? Well, let’s find out. ...

Windows 10 on ARM, can it make it this time?

53 08.01.2019

Do you remember Windows RT? No?! OK, to be fair, not many people do. It was introduced in 2012 alongside the original Surface tablet. It was a Windows port for ARM processors that looked like Windows ...

Satellite trends in 2019

56 03.01.2019

Over the past few years the satellite industry has grown quite a lot. But it’s nothing compared to the growth which many analysts expect over the next two decades. For example, Goldman Sachs predicts ...

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