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5 major security risks in 2019

84 28.02.2019

2019 is well underway and cybersecurity is once again in the minds of experts and organizations. The good news – this is no longer a distant topic, but instead companies are now actively working on im ...

What is a UPS device and why do servers need it?

78 26.02.2019

There are many new internet users who have been exposed to the web either through a mobile phone or a laptop. Inside of those gadgets, there are batteries which are charged through adapters with filte ...

Alternatives to MySQL and why you might want to use them

123 21.02.2019

MySQL has been around for 23 years throughout the duration of which it has become one of the most popular database management systems. Not only is it free, and open-source, but it’s also the backbone ...

Intel’s naming scheme is a madness

125 19.02.2019

Intel is the biggest, and the most popular computer chip maker in the world. You think that with their experience in the market Intel’s team have everything figured out. Products, specifications, and ...

Cloud services continue to record strong growth

89 14.02.2019

The popularity of cloud services continues to rise with every quarter. The latest data from Canalys shows that Q4 of 2018 was characterized with strong gains for the cloud services. Leading the pack a ...

When will Intel’s shortage end?

92 12.02.2019

In the computer chips market there are just 2 names – Intel and AMD. Yes, Qualcomm are trying to succeed in the market. Yet their share is insignificant. So what happens when Intel, the biggest produc ...

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