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20.01.2021 100 0
Tips to make a successful website
We all want our websites to be successful. But success is not the same for everyone. While for some that would mean millions of visitors that read the posts, for others it would mean a much smaller vi ...
13.01.2021 243 0
What is CentOS Stream? The future after CentOS 8’s end
CentOS, as we know it, is dead! There is no other way to say it. On the 8th of December, 2020, The vice president and CTO of Red Hat (RHEL) Chris Wright, put the last nail on CentOS’s coffin.  On ...
06.01.2021 128 0
15 Tips for improving your website’s content quality
While we focus mostly on the technical side of websites here, the content is just as, if not even more, important. You may have the best technically-optimized website, but if the conten ...