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16.06.2021 116 0
RISC-V the most important tech, that you haven’t heard about
RISC-V is the most important new instruction set architecture (ISA) that you might hear for the first time. There is no need to worry because this article will give you answers to the following most c ...
09.06.2021 244 0
Is mining Bitcoin good or bad for the environment?
Bitcoin is once again in the mainstream news, but for some of the wrong reasons. Cryptocurrency has had quite the year so far. Its value reached historic, it received support from major worldwide name ...
02.06.2021 171 0
Everything about fintech and the future of banking
Technology advances fast and steadily. It is dramatically changing the way we study, work, interact, research, shop, and even our relationship with money. In recent years, traditional banks have alrea ...