5 best free ERP applications that can be the brain of your company

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It is time to forget the countless excel files and e-mails and start managing the company from a single source. Get ERP and facilitate the processes of every department. Help them work together in a better and more efficient way.

What is ERP?

ERP stands for enterprise resource planning. It is a system for integrated control of your company. Imagine you can have total control over all of the operations in your business from a single application. You can monitor the supply and production, utilize customer relationship management (CRM), sales management, accounting, etc. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? The amazing thing is that you can find many completely free ERPs that can do all of the above. We have prepared a list of 5 worth checking out.


ADempiere is a free and open-sourced ERP application. You can use it for many different tasks such as ERP, Supply Chain Management (SCM), CRM, Financial analysis, POS integration (point of sale). It is a solution 100% powered by Java. The tool is good for small and medium-size businesses, especially for those in production.

Disadvantage – although the ERP is free, some extra elements that add functionality are not.

The community behind it is not very big so you can expect less frequent updates.

You can check out a DEMO HERE.


iDempiere is very similar to the previous software in this list. It builds on top of ADempiere and adds an OSGi technology – a dynamic java technology. The features it has are ERP, CMS and SCM. It works on Linux and Windows.

It has a basic and functional interface that might not be very eye-catching.

The community behind it is not very big. The same problem as ADempiere.

You can check out a DEMO HERE.

Apache OFBiz

Apache OFBiz is a completely free product. It has great functionality. From manufacturing to e-commerce. It is great for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). There are many modules that can help you build the most complete ERP for your company.

Its disadvantages are that Apache OFBiz is not that intuitive. It can be hard for new users to start using and customizing it. It has outdated look too but that is not a very big problem.

You can check out a DEMO HERE.


Dolibarr is an excellent choice for freelancers, small and medium companies. It has the following features: CRM, Human Relationships (HR), e-commerce, products, finance and billing, marketing, productivity, and integration. If you need some extra features or you don’t like how some of them are implemented, you can buy extra modules and skins in the Dolistore.

Currently, Dolibarr is quite popular so the community is very active. There are frequent updates. Moreove, it is integrated with different CMS.

Disadvantages: Dolibarr lacks a built-in Payroll module; individual tasks don’t have dependencies in the project module; you can’t manage several companies from a single installation without additional modules.

You can check out a DEMO HERE.


Metasresh is a good ERP solution for e-commerce. It has good functionality for managing products, sales, and finances. The user interface is attractive and the learning curve is not steep. It is free if you decided to self-host it. You can choose their hosting plan, but you will be limited in terms of users you can have.

A disadvantage is the lack of support for mobile. You should access it through Windows or Mac.

You can see more HERE.

So now what? Think about these ERP applications. Choose your favorites and do thorough research on them. In the end, when you have finally decided which of them will be the most suitable for your needs, you will need a server for it. Check out our offers for Dedicated Servers and Cloud Servers. They can definitely help your business grow!

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