5 Creative Ways To Invent Easy-To-Remember Domain Names

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Your website can easily get lost in the “sea” of new websites that are out there. Yet, owning a proper domain name is crucial for your brand. How can you do that?

Here are several ways to think of a great and memorable domain name for your business:


You want your costumers to be able to instantly find you on the web, then integrate the name of your brand. That way, they will see it in the domain name, they will recognize it and trust it. For better SEO results, use the exact brand name, don’t try to be innovative in the spelling.

Use A Domain Name Generator.

It will be a helpful second step. Put your brand name and see what kind of names will appear. You can also try with a few keywords and compare the results. It won’t give you the exact answer, but it is a good step to begin with.

Keep It Short.

The shorter length of the domain name will make it easier for your visitors to remember it. A long and wordy name will most likely confuse your customers and might even lead to their switching to your competitors.

Choose The Right Top-Level Domain (tld).

If you are operating in a particular market, your best bet is the local top level domain. For example, .co.uk for the United Kingdom or .es for Spain. For global companies, .com or .net are good, because they are easily recognizable. If you can’t find the best available domain name under those TLD, you can choose a new generic TLD, but try to find one that is relatable to your industry.

Evaluate Your Ideas.

After long hours of thinking about different combinations of names and TLDs, in the end, you have accumulated a few excellent ideas. How to choose the best one? Do a survey. Use a focus group of random participants and show them the names. Make them pick their favorite and explain why. You will get very useful feedback that will facilitate your decision.

Choose your final domain name wisely. Once you get it, it would be a nightmare to modify it. You will need to redirect each page separately and some changes might still affect your SEO score.

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