5 great advantages of the dedicated servers

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The shared hosting solutions have their limits. You have already outgrown them and are looking for an alternative? Yes, the dedicated servers are more expensive, but there are very good reasons for that. Let us present 5 main points that will convince you to get a dedicated server.

Superior performance

Even if you chose one of the starter plans you will have a lot more capable computer than most of the shared or cloud solutions. A dedicated server can handle heavy e-commerce sites more easily. You will have the whole power of your device for yourself.

Less expensive than investing in hardware

You have probably thought about getting your own server and having it “in-house”. There are plenty of problems with that. To start, it is not easy to plan your future needs. If you choose the wrong dedicated server, you can still update to a better plan. If you pay for your hardware, it will be expensive and hard to sell in the future.

There are also a lot of worries about the environment in which the server will be. We offer you controlled temperature and humidity, guaranteed uninterrupted power supply, and excellent internet connectivity.


For those of you who manage extremely sensitive data like bank accounts, personal health data, ID numbers and more, excellent security is a must. When you have your dedicated server, you can secure it the way you want. Close the ports that you don’t use, install the protection software you like, add secured communication. Make it like a fortress!


Manage it the way you want. Install the OS of your choice, have root access, tweak the system down to the last detail. You can set the perfect environment for your applications and set secured restricted access. The limits are set just by the knowledge of your system administrator.

With our servers, you get full access via an IPMI controller with a separate IP address.


The cloud is great, but you must share it with other users. The worst part is that an attack on some of your “neighbors” on the cloud, can affect you negatively too. You will also have a network dependency with them too. If they have strong traffic it can slow your connectivity.

Are you interested? If you have any specific questions don’t hesitate to contact our team at info@cloudware.bg.

They can offer you free advice, help you define the best plan for your needs and set you up in no time!

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