5 tips to improve the security of your data in the cloud

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Generally, cloud services are very secure. Cloudware’s service, for example, offers world-class secured data centers along with features like DDoS protection and more. Despite that, there are extra steps you can make to improve the security of your data in the cloud.

There can be weak links in your setup which you can identify and strengthen. That’s besides the obvious one, which is to use strong passwords for your cloud accounts. Here’s what you should explore in more detail.

Where’s the data?

Good cloud services are transparent. So, they will tell you where their data centers are and will give you plenty of information about all the conditions and requirements their facilities offer and meet.

For example, Neterra’s Sofia Data Center (SDC) meets all TIER III requirements along with the top regulatory requirements for earthquake resistance, reinforced foundation and a lot more.

What’s the security?

Good cloud and data center security isn’t only about digital protection. It’s also about the physical security of the facility.

The data center has to meet a certain set of requirements for manned security, CCTV and so on. For example, SDC covers all these bases. It’s actually ISO 27001 certified.

Backup your data

It’s a good idea to keep a backup of your most important data. Cloud services generally do so quite well, but you should make sure of that. It’s still easy to mess things up and lose important data while you do some work. So, making sure you have good backups in place (maybe even a local one for the most important data), is a healthy habit to have.

Encrypt more

If you plan to store very important data in your cloud or dedicated server, then you should also add another layer of encryption to it. Encrypting your data before you upload it will make it even more secure.

This way even if someone manages to get through the cloud security, they will still have to then fight their way through additional encryption. Yes, it is extra work to encrypt files beforehand, but it’s a great practice that makes sure sensitive data is well taken care of.

Test all the things

These days data breaches have become pretty much a daily occurrence. Many companies adopt the “when, not if” mindset when it comes to breaches. It’s a good way of thinking as it opens more options.

This includes carrying out tests against the defenses and identifying even more weak sports that might have gone unnoticed during regular setup and usage. Discovering as much of them as possible before the hackers do will make a big difference in your overall cybersecurity.

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