6 Tips to retain your customers

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It is nice to see a new client buying from your online store. But do you know what is nicer? A loyal client coming back on a regular basis. How can you make your clients return to your site? Here you have the main ingredients to customer loyalty and repeat purchases:

Optimize your online store

Make sure your website is easy to use. Put the well-known elements where people expect them to be. Don’t try to be creative with the menus. People are already accustomed to e-commerce sites and their design. Don’t try to reinvent the hot water.

Now almost everybody is on their mobile phone. Check how your website behaves on iOS and Android. You must have a responsive design on your site or apps for mobile, otherwise, you will be missing out on sales.
Be sure that your website is safe. Add an SSL certificate and protect your clients.

Add well-written descriptions of your products. Double-check the information. Don’t lie to your clients about specifications.

Listen to recommendations coming from the customers. They may have seen something that you have missed. Receive feedback and use it properly.

Create a loyalty program

Just like your local supermarket offers you a club card that you can collect points with, you can do the same with your clients. Decide on how to convert the points to real money. You can set time limits for those points. Imagine if your customers need to use the points before the next year, they will have a strong reason to return before the deadline.

Use a coupon system too. Coupons can be used to re-target clients, who have seen certain types of products without buying or who haven’t completed their purchase. Just balance the use. You don’t want to “teach” your clients that they could always use coupons to buy at a lower price.

Engage with your clients

We aren’t saying that you should send them e-mails daily. Analyze their purchases and send them offers or extra content like blog articles or videos that are customized to their needs, at the right time.

Having more data about them can make it easier to provide more tailored experiences. Experiment to find the best frequency and methods.

Sensational Customer Care

Customer care costs- are they worth it? Provide an easy way for your client to contact your organization. 24-hour chat client, call center, e-mails. All of these can be very useful. Help your clients with all their doubts before buying and any problems they experience with their purchase. Accept responsibility and don’t hide if you have made a mistake. Be a trustworthy store and they will surely come back.

Have exceptional products/services

That might not apply to all of you. Having a superior product or service can create strong demand. Investigate your industry and competitors. Try to provide the greatest value in comparison with the rest of the players on the market. It is a hard task, but it can create many loyal clients.

Know your market

You should regularly analyze your market. Who are your competitors? What products do they have? What innovative products can you expect soon on the market? Don’t play catch up. Get the products that your customers want when they want them. Imagine if you don’t pay attention and your loyal clients don’t come back to you just because your inventory is outdated. These people trust you, they know they can rely on you, but you can still lose them.

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