9 things your dedicated server can do that you probably didn’t know.

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So you got your first dedicated server. Good for you! You are probably using it for a very specific task like hosting a massive e-commerce site or an application. However, a dedicated server can be used for many different purposes. Here we will give you a few ideas to fully utilize your computer.

Web hosting

The most obvious purpose. Many decide to upgrade to a dedicated server when their traffic grows or they need to provide better security. It is a superior option in comparison to shared hosting. Also, it often offers more space for hosting media files.

Host your app or game

Yes, you can upload it to some of the popular app stores, but if you want to sell your software directly you will need a host. A dedicated server is great because you use its full potential and internet bandwidth.

Your software can run on the dedicated server too. That way, your clients will have just a client app and all the calculations will be done on the server.

Use it for ERP or CRM

An ERP (Enterprise resource planning) or a CRM (customer management system) can be a great tool for complete control of your company. The first focuses on the organization as a whole. It deals with planning, organizing resources, sales, data analysis and more.

CRM is very useful too. It a great marketing tool to better understand your clients. Use it to analyze data, create better marketing campaigns, see the customers’ lifetime value and better understand customers’ behavior.


You can set a virtual private network to ensure the security of communication in your organization. The data will be encrypted. You can limit the access and lower the number of data breaches.

Create a development environment

A dedicated server is a great way to test your code. You can check it in a sandbox without messing the whole operating system. The communication to the server can be done through a VPN for extra security.

Company email

You can create a mail server to deal with all the emails of the company. Why should you do it? Better privacy. You can be sure that nobody is checking your emails. It also gives you better control over all of the parameters – GUI, attachment size, etc.

VoIP server

You can use it to host your VoIP app. That way you can ensure the privacy of the calls too. You can also control the quality of the calls, depending on your needs.

Data synchronization and Backup

In a big organization, there is a lot of data generated. You need a “brain”, a server that can handle and organize it. That way everybody can work on their device but update the results in one place. It is very useful for workflows that involve many contributors and allow people to work from distance.

You can also use it to backup data, fast and easily. You can set an automated process that does it on a regular basis without any additional effort from your site.

Media server

A media server can be very useful for an advertising agency. You can host all the media there and organize it the way you want. Also, you can limit the access. You can be sure that the media that you have there is showed just to these employees, clients, etc. that you decide.

Cloudware.bg hopes that you get some new ideas about how you can fully utilize your dedicated server.

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