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Cloud trends in 2019

41 13.12.2018

The cloud is ever so prevalent, but it’s far from being done growing. There’s a lot more room for this technology to expand and improve itself. And in 2019 we may see yet another big rise in the cloud ...

The Tech Industry in Latin America

43 06.12.2018

The tech industry as a whole enjoys a lot of attention most of which is directed to the Silicon Valley and Eastern Asia. What happens in the rest of the world? For example, Latin America? It’s a regio ...

How devices got smaller, but we want them bigger

64 29.11.2018

In the 80s and 90s futuristic movies people were all about the tiny do-all pocket devices that some day we will all have. In the early 2000s that vision was coming closer and closer to reality as mobi ...

5 cool facts about nanosatellites

59 22.11.2018

Venturing into space is one of the great challenges of humanity. There are a lot of unknowns, serious difficulties and enormous expenses involved. This is why space projects are largely reserved for g ...

How will SMEs benefit from hybrid cloud solutions

62 15.11.2018

The hybrid cloud is a concept which is gaining popularity. It mixes on-premises, private cloud with public cloud solutions to allow companies get the most out of them both. It’s an interesting concept ...

Why are videogames so difficult and expensive to make?

91 08.11.2018

Depending on how much you love videogames, you may be surprised to find out there’s a Bachelor of Science in Games Development in some universities. And no, that’s not just some random degree to fill ...

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