Benefits of cloud services for small businesses

28.05.2020 819 0

The year 2020 will remain in history for quite a few reasons. Sadly, at least for now, it doesn’t seem that many of them will be positive. Yet, there is some positive news particularly regarding the cloud industry. Cloud services are expected to enjoy a lot of attention because of the lockdowns.

The outbreak forced many companies to rely on remote work for their employees. And it’s mostly thanks to the various cloud-based services that this was possible. All of this also was a great example of the biggest benefits of cloud services for companies and especially small businesses. Here are some of them.

Ease of use

Modern cloud services are very easy to set up and use. Some even offer automated setups and pre-installed software all ready to use with a few clicks.

And there are plenty of options out there for real time collaborative work, file sharing, videoconferencing and so much more. Basically, you can have everything you need everywhere via a laptop with a decent internet connection.

Less maintenance

Another big benefit of cloud services is the easier maintenance. You don’t have to worry about hardware, various upgrades and so on. Everything is taken care of by your cloud service provider.

Reduced costs

All of this also means that costs are less. You don’t have to spend big money for hardware and relative infrastructure, maintenance, electricity, cooling and so on. Instead, many cloud services offer a simple subscription or even a pay-as-you-go model. This way companies can mix-and-match features to create their perfect tier and optimize spending. And that’s great for companies of all sizes and especially small businesses on a budget.


Cloud services are also always available. It’s rare for them to have downtime longer than a few minutes and these cases are far between. Basically, as long as you have a decent internet connection, you can access cloud services from anywhere and this opens a lot of work opportunities.

Access to top tier resources

Cloud services are also a way for small businesses to use hardware and features that would normally be within the range only of companies with big budgets. This creates a lot more opportunities for SMBs to enjoy the benefits of much better resources without the massive initial investments.

Better security

All of this also includes better security. The data centers that cloud service providers use and maintain have to meet some very high and strict requirements to get certifications and approval to be used by big corporations. This means that your data will be much better secured at such a data center than on a couple of modest servers kept at the office of a small company with little to no additional cybersecurity.

And the cloud industry is just getting started. Here’s what Sid Nag, research vice president at Gartner says to TechWire Asia: “There are no vendors we know of today whose business and revenue growth are not influenced by cloud adoption. By 2022, the cloud service industry will be worth US$331.2 billion, and what we see now is only the beginning.”

So, now it’s the perfect time for small businesses to jump on the cloud train. This way you will be on the top of the wave as everything starts kicking into high gear.

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