Black Friday 2018 – 5 must-buy gadgets

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It is that wonderful time of the year when all around you there are tech promotions. Black Friday is just around the corner, and it is time for decisions. What should you buy this time? We went through the biggest online shops, and we have some serious bargains for you.


People use tablets very differently. For the casual users, who just want an internet device on which they can also watch Netflix, Amazon has unbeatable deals: Fire 7 Tablet with Alexa (29.99 USD) and the All-New Fire HD 8 Tablet | Hands-Free with Alexa | 8″ HD Display (49.99 USD).
For people who also want to play games and have all the social apps – what’s better than an iPad 2018 for 250 USD (Walmart and Target)?
And finally for the Pro user – Surface Pro + Platinum Signature Type Cover Bundle for 599 (Microsoft Store). Yes, it has last year’s specs but at least it is 310 USD cheaper. That’s a real bargain.


We can’t have a Black Friday without some excellent laptop promotions. From Microsoft you can get a good computer with a super comfortable keyboard – Surface Laptop 2 for only 699 USD (Microsoft Store).

For the casual mobile gamers, there is HP Pavilion gaming laptop with Nvidia GTX 1050Ti for 600 USD (Walmart). It has a discount of 230 USD!

For 450 USD, you can get an HP Pavilion X360 with Intel Core i7 and 1TB hard drive (Office Depot). Really good configuration.

Sorry, Apple fans… There are not any worthy Apple laptop deals this time around. You can get a discount between 150 USD and 250 USD, but mainly on the most expensive configurations.


Console gaming is still not dead. For all of you fans, there are significant discounts.

Sony offers a PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB with Spider-Man for just 200 USD (Walmart and Target). Yes, it is a bit old, indeed, but considering the addition of the Spider-Man game, it is not to be missed. On the other side, Microsoft has an Xbox One S 1TB Minecraft Creators Bundle for the same price – 200 USD (Walmart, Best Buy and Target). What stiff competition!


Many bought new TVs for the World Cup, but for those who still haven’t, here there are a few options:

  • 100 USD – 40-inch 1080p Hisense TV (Walmart)
  • 130 USD – 43-inch Toshiba 4K Amazon Fire Edition TV (Best Buy, in-store only).
  • 400 USD – 65-inch Sharp or TCL Roku TV (Walmart)

Smart Speakers

This one is a relatively new category. We have some security concerns with them (LINK), but we can’t deny that they are getting extremely popular. If you want to experiment and buy your first smart speaker, you can check Google Home Mini (25 USD at Walmart) out. It will give you access to Google Assistant with different voice commands and sounds. It works a bit better than your smartphone. If you want an even greater deal, you can turn your attention to Amazon. They offer 3rd gen Echo Dot for 24 USD and 2nd gen Echo Dot for just 20 USD. The 24-dollar one is larger size-wise, but it has a lot better sound quality.

These Black Friday deals look incredibly juicy. What will you buy? Will it be one item or a whole bunch? You have little time to decide. Check your wallets and let the fun begin!

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