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We are constantly trying to improve the SEO of our websites. Better ranking means more visits, more clients and a better future for the site. Link-building and other off-page SEO. Improving the on-page factors like well-formatted articles, content, and metadata. But there is something that most of the SEO agencies don’t do. We want to show you a particular, not so well-known method – creating a content delivery network (CDN).

What is a content delivery network (CDN)?

A CDN is a network of servers that are strategically distributed around the world. Each of these servers is a PoP (point of presence) which contains a cache of data for the use of nearby users. Each of the caches is a copy of the data from the hosting. When a user makes a request, he or she will be redirected to the closest server that has the information, without wasting time reaching the original hosting. This reduces latency dramatically.

The advantages of a CDN

Massive speed boost! Imagine a site hosted in the USA and a visitor from Japan. The route would be quite long if there is no CDN. The client might get frustrated and leave the site if it loads too slowly. With a CDN, he or she will be connected to the closest PoP which will be in the Asia region.

Better SEO! You know that the two most important factors for Google are speed and content. CDNs shorten the time and will help you rank higher in the searching engine.

Load balancing. It will also reduce the load of your hosting. Your traffic will be divided. The effect depends on the number of PoP you have and the location of your visitors.

Reduced bandwidth. Some web hosting companies have bandwidth limits that you can overcome with the CDN.

Security. With most of the cloud-based CDNs, you will have DDoS protection. Your traffic will be protected and you will suffer less downtime.


The effects of using a CDN – Geo DNS or Traffic Director (the most popular names of CDN products) – on the SEO ranking will be visible. Yes, a content delivery network costs extra, and yes, it might be a bit complicated at first to use, but it is totally worth it. It is a perfect choice for global websites, e-commerce and everybody who wants to deliver content quickly and reliably.

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