Cloud computing vs virtualization – which one should you choose for your business?

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Cloud vs virtualization, for many it is the same, but there are some fundamental differences. Each of these technologies can help you dramatically reduce the expenses of your company. They can be used for small, medium and large enterprises.


We have already talked about virtualization, so we will go through it very briefly. It is a process that relies on special software – hypervisor. It can create virtual machines that use the resources of a computer in a more efficient way. For example, a computer that usually uses 25% of its resources, can be separated into 4 virtual machines and be up to 4 times more productive. Another advantage is that each of the virtual machines can be used for different purposes under different OSes.

Cloud computing

The second part of the “cloud computing vs virtualization” debate is the cloud. It uses virtualization as a fundament, but the big difference is that here we talk about service. It is a pool of servers that you can get a certain on-demand service which can be computing, storage, platform or other. As a user you don’t have the total control. You get what you have paid for through a specifically developed application or user interface.

Cloud computing vs Virtualization comparison

Virtualization uses software to rationalize the use of certain hardware. On the other hand, the cloud computer takes it a step further. It uses virtualization too, but unites more devices. The purpose is also different – to provide an on-demand service for the user.

One advantage of virtualization is when we talk about a private cloud. This is a server that is owned or rented by just one client. You, as a client, will have full control and add as much software as you like. You can use 100% of its resources.

Managing a private cloud can be more expensive as you will need an IT specialist to keep the software up-to-date. Hiring external IT specialist is an option. You can also suffer downtime in the case of hardware failure or just when the software needs an update.

The cloud also has benefits. It is easily scalable. You can start with a small plan and update it when you feel a need for more resources. You can also downscale if necessary. It is far more flexible.

Virtualization has limited scalability. You have just one device. If you create too many virtual machines, at some point you will have too little computing power for each.

It is very easy to set up. You can literally start using your cloud in just a few hours.

So which one should you choose for your business?

The answer is not that easy. For small companies, that are just starting and using external funding, virtualization might be a good choice. They can put the whole price in the budget from the beginning. Other people who could benefit from virtualization are those who need to test software under different OSes.

The cloud is not bad for small companies too. They can save money by using a plan matching their needs. It is also good for medium and big companies. You just need to find the right service provider. If you still haven’t started using cloud services, you can check our offers HERE.

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