Cloud Trends of 2018

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It is 2018 already, cloud computing is not just a futuristic dream. It has entered into the daily life of many big and small companies. The cloud revolution has already happened, but it doesn’t stop there. This technology is evolving. Every year there are innovations worth mentioning. Let’s see how the cloud trends of 2018 will make our work easier.


AI is the new hit thing. It is getting inside our mobile, our cars, homes and you guess it, into the cloud. You can expect cloud servers to provide better and faster services in the future thanks to it. AI is advancing with unprecedented speed. Its most significant advantage is that it can learn and create.

More and faster cloud storage

The increased demand for cloud services has pushed the competition in the industry. Every cloud service provider is trying to give a better deal, more storage, higher speed thanks to modern SSDs. This is very beneficial for companies, which has been relying on their own servers. Many of them will make the switch to the cloud and never look back. Cisco predicts that by 2021 94% of workloads and computing will be done in cloud data centers.

Security breaks are growing concerns

Hackers are getting more aggressive in the last years. The DDoS attacks are a common threat, nobody is safe from them. Big brands such as Blizzard Entertainment, Amazon, Netflix, BBC are among the usual targets. This attacks can put down different sites and applications for a long time and cost millions.

Another huge danger is the ransomware attacks. Many of the cloud servers rely on Intel chips that have shown many weaknesses. Latest problems with them are Meltdown and Spectre exploits. They can temporarily freeze all the data of the victim and demand a ransom for unlocking.

We can expect stronger attacks and more in numbers.

World of cloud computing is a little bit scary but very exciting too. Year after year, the technology behind it is advancing surprisingly fast. We should embrace the innovations and let them boost our businesses, but in the same time, we should be able to provide a high level of security for our customers, because a good service is a safe service.

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