Cloudware’s dedicated servers get а new automated bare metal provisioning service

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When you rent a dedicated server, you usually have to wait for a while before you even get access to the configuration. Then you have to spend time installing an operating system. And sometimes you don’t want to do all of that. Instead, you want to get straight into the good stuff and the actual work. Well, things are getting faster for you.

Neterra’s Cloudware is introducing an automated bare metal provisioning service for its dedicated servers. It makes the process of renting and setting up a server a lot simpler and faster.

How it works

In a typical scenario, the client orders a server configuration, pays and after verification, the installation of the OS can start. This process can take up to a full day.

The automated bare metal provisioning service reduces the duration of this process down to about 15 minutes. And in the end, the client receives access to a ready server with an installed OS of their choice. No additional wait time or setup needed.

Of course, if the client has very specific requests, then the wait time might be longer. But in the vast majority of cases Cloudware is able to provide the requested configuration and OS within the hour, ready for work. Cloudware aims to fully automate the entire process and make it as fast as possible.

The benefits of a rented, dedicated server

There are several benefits of renting a dedicated server in a data center as opposed to maintaining one on your own location. Usually dedicated servers are preferred by clients who want more resources than a typical cloud server.

Dedicated servers are also the choice for clients who simply don’t want to share their configuration with someone else. For some clients is also a matter of extra security. They feel a dedicated server will be even more secure than a cloud server. But generally, the security level is the same – very high.

There are a few other benefits of Cloudware’s cloud and dedicated servers. Here are a few:

  • Expenses reduction
  • No additional maintenance costs
  • No additional costs for Internet connection
  • No additional costs for electricity, cooling, etc.
  • Easier upgrades when needed
  • Higher security with all data center specifications
  • Special in-house DDoS protection
  • Only the client has access to the server via an IPMI controller
  • 24/7 Additional support on hand if needed
  • Additional monitoring and alerts of possible issues from the support team to the client
  • Restore and data recovery assistance

Cloudware’s dedicated servers are in Sofia Data Center (SDC) where they get properly taken care of. Reliability is key and all of the servers are built with high-quality components and stress-tested.

The results are quite telling. Most servers in SDC work without interruptions for years. One of the record holders is a server with an uninterrupted 7-year uptime.

Renting and setting up a dedicated server is now even cheaper and easier. This makes these types of services accessible to more and more companies of all sizes and industries, globally. So, be sure to check Cloudware’s offers out and pick your server today.

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