Healthcare is the next target for the cloud

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Cloud computing has conquered quite a few industries. The next frontier is healthcare. And it comes at a time when the world healthcare system is under unprecedented pressure. Even before the COVID-19 outbreak happened, healthcare was poised to be the next big thing for the cloud market. Now, it may actually be even more important.

Two different reports predict big growth for the global healthcare cloud computing market over the next few years. According to ResearchAndMarkets, the segment will surge at a compound annual growth rate of 25.1% from 2018 to 2023.

On the other hand, Acumen Research and Consulting predicts that from 2019 to 2026 the healthcare cloud computing market will reach a value of around $40 billion. In either case, it’s obvious where the market is heading – up.

What’s cloud healthcare?

While healthcare in general is viewed as something very static, i.e. a hospital, it does need a lot of accompanying technologies. Modern healthcare shouldn’t be only in the doctor’s office. It can be done remotely. And it can be done at scale. Big Data can play a big role in healthcare optimization and improvements.

There are plenty of ways healthcare can take advantage of the cloud. For example, safer and easier medical records storing and processing. Automated operations and calculations. The facilitation of telehealth apps and services. And even the set up and maintenance of healthcare-centered IoT networks and devices. It also opens the doors for hospitals to deploy and use blockchain and even AI apps and services.

All of this is on top of the usual benefits cloud computing brings to other organizations. Like reduced costs, ease of use, less maintenance and so on. Plus, many hospitals need modern, powerful IT infrastructure and services, but they can’t afford the high prices and staff. So, opting for a cloud-based solution might just be the ideal way for them to improve their day-to-day operations.

Additional challenges

Of course, it’s not all that easy. Healthcare comes with some very specific additional requirements and challenges. Health data is under strict laws and protections that go far beyond any other typical user data. As such, cloud providers have to take into account the additional costs that come with making their services compliant. Of course, healthcare organizations will cover most of that, but they will also have some very specific needs.

So, providers have to be agile and able to accommodate and adapt to this much faster than they would normally have to with other types of clients. Also, the security must be at a very high level which will need not only more features, but skilled specialists, as well. All of that is worth it, though. As cloud companies will not only get to provide even more and better services, but they will also participate in saving and making lives better.

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