How Docker and Kubernetes can help you?

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Docker and Kubernetes are often viewed as competitors, but actually, you can use them together. In reality, Docker and Kubernetes aren’t enemies. They are similar and different at the same time and you can use that to your advantage to get the most out of them.

The descriptions of both technologies are quite complex on first sight. Docker is an open-source technology which helps automate the deployment of applications as portable, self-sufficient containers to run in the cloud or on-premises.

Kubernetes is an open-source orchestration software. It has an API to control how and where the containers will run. So, you can use it to run Docker containers. The software makes it easier to move and scale multiple containers across multiple servers or virtual machines.

So, how are Docker and Kubernetes helpful?

The goal of containers is to simplify software deployment. The idea is you code it once and then run it anywhere. Kubernetes helps to do that with a single control plane and has a lot of features pertaining to security, networking, load-balancing and more.

Docker, on the other hand, is the most popular platform to build and deploy these containers. The Dockerfile is the container and you can store and distribute containers via the Docker Hub –a cloud-based repository.

So, now the differences are a bit more visible, right? Docker helps with the creation and packaging of containers, while Kubernetes helps you maintain, deploy and scale them. Basically, Kubernetes builds on top of what you already have with Docker. You can use both as standalone platforms and they will function just fine. But together you can get the most out them.

When you use Kubernetes with Docker you can improve the availability of your app. It will remain online even if some nodes go offline, if it’s deployed in a cloud. You can also make it easier to scale and improve the user experience.

The Docker – Kubernetes combo is also a tool to help you accelerate the digital transformation as you can achieve faster deployment and releases. So, it’s a smart move to explore both Docker and Kubernetes for your software plans. These platforms are growing fast and becoming incredibly popular with developers worldwide.

For example, hundreds of big enterprises are currently using Docker Enterprise Edition. And Docker mentioned a while back that developers were downloading more than 100 million container images per day. In short, both Docker and Kubernetes aren’t going anywhere and are just starting to take over the industry.

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