HPE claims the dawn of the “intelligence era” thanks to cloud computing

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Cloud computing certainly did a lot over the past few years to help the IT industry transform not only itself. Thanks to the cloud a lot more businesses in various segments got a way to use great computing power which would have otherwise been out of their reach. Now it’s time for a change, according to Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE).

The company announced a new storage platform which it introduced as “designed for the intelligence era”. It’s the one coming right now, thanks to all of the work the cloud era has done. This new era comes after companies are now well aware of the cloud and want to use it to the fullest.

What is the Intelligence era

“Intelligence changes everything. Today’s organizations need a fundamentally new approach to infrastructure operations with an intelligent data strategy,” says Milan Shetti, SVP and General Manager, HPE Storage.

Basically the intelligence era is the time when companies stop focusing that much on what the cloud is and how to use it. Instead, they now focus on finding new ways to utilize it to the fullest and drive their business forward. It’s a change in the way of thinking about and approaching cloud services.

The goal is to make working with the cloud hardware and software much, much easier and save time for the customers. Instead, the platform takes care of the majority of the configuration and maintenance and only calls upon the user when specific actions are needed. One might say it oversimplifies things, making them seem suitable for consumers, but that’s not a bad thing. It will free up time and resources for employees to do more productive things instead of endless clicking and configuring.

How would that change the cloud hardware and software

As a result, the company introduced the HPE Primera “mission-critical storage” platform which leverages HPE’s Intelligent Data Platform with the HPE InfoSight AI platform. The company touts a 93% reduction of time spent on managing storage. The platform also has the ability to predict and prevent issues and optimize application performance.

But you don’t need to be a big corporation to enjoy such benefits. Cloudware’s automated bare metal provisioning service is another example of the Intelligence era coming in. Instead of wasting time, waiting for OS installations and configuration, you can get all of that within minutes. This way you can focus on actually using the configuration for your goals and business.

The phrase “Intelligence era” might just be an attempt to coin a new buzz word, but what it symbolizes is currently happening. The next step in cloud computing definitely is automation. Businesses today are well aware of the benefits of using the cloud. Now they want to get those benefits more quickly and easily. The focus falls more and more on data and using it in new and exciting ways. The computing power is already present and affordable thanks to the cloud. Now it’s a matter of using it the right way to gain the most out of it.

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