Humans with Intelligence Amplification IA and Artificial Intelligence AI.

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Everybody is talking about Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is in our computers, services and even our mobile phones. The AI composes our messages, predicts our moves and even takes photos for us. Are we – humans – going to become “obsolete” in a matter of years?! Maybe there is a last chance – Intelligence Amplification (IA).

While an AI needs to be developed from scratch, we humans, already have great intelligence thanks to countless years of evolution. A modern human’s brain is an awesome tool!

Among us, there are some geniuses, but imagine if everybody can become one. And not just a genius, but a super-genius. Smarter than every person who has ever lived before! This is the idea behind Intelligence Amplification. To use our intelligence as a base and to add computers to make us smarter beyond our imagination. A hybrid, a work of art!

Before we go to the land of the future, there are still many things that we should do first:

Brain-Computer Interface

Currently, we use a visual interface to interact with our computers through touch, voice, clicks, and button pushes. We need something far superior that can directly talk to our brain and its parts. Our brain has a visual cortex, sensory cortex, pre-frontal cortex. The first two are to get signals out of the world and the last is to form a concept. We are very good at understanding how things work and combining the knowledge. This one will be the step to real super-humans.

Upgrade our brains

Our brains are truly remarkable. We are far more intelligent than any other animal.Yet, our brains have limits. Trying to push them to their limits can have dangerous consequences. Do you know what happens to a computer when you overclock it too much? It breaks!

No drug or chemical can improve our brains enough without damaging them at the same time. We will need brain-computers. Implants that connect seamlessly to our brains and interact with super-fast speed.

What can go wrong with Intelligence Amplification IA?

There are many risks. Forget about the development process. There will be plenty of complications. Let’s think very positively and imagine a random year – 2060 when we can already safely perform such a boost. Still, there are problems.

Overload. Our brain will still have physical limits and getting too much information in a short time can lead to bad consequences. It is easy to reboot a computer, but how do we do it on the brain?

Mental problems. Even now, smarter people tend to be lonelier. What if you are 1000 times smarter than anyone you will ever meet? These people can also develop megalomania and start feeling like a completely different being.

So, do we go with IA and forget about AI?

No, Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. It will develop quickly and reach a very high level. One does not exclude the other. The two technologies will develop in parallel. We are bound to live alongside computers.

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