IoT and home automation

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IoT (Internet of things) might not be popular yet, but soon it will be everywhere. Just like the smartphones, people will start using it, and the world will change forever. You don’t believe us, just watch in the next few years.

But what exactly it is?

It combines all kind of connected devices. The main thing is that they can communicate with each other. These devices can be smartphones, wearables and all variety of different gadgets with built-in sensors. Often they are named “smart” devices, but it is not always the case. We can’t call a toaster that you can use from an app on your mobile, smart in a way. Same goes for a connected garage door that when your car is around.

Some of them use cloud servers, where the information gets processed.

Others don’t need to do complicated tasks, and just a controller like your phone, TV, computer or a smart speaker is required. The “thinking” will be done on those devices or a server in the clouds.

What are the benefits?

The communication between all of the devices that you own will facilitate your life. You will be able to control easily every aspect of it from multiple points – your phone, computer or connected speaker. Other devices will act on triggers. You will move from platform to platform smoothly.

Imagine this, you get up in the morning, and you turn off the alarm. The alarm signals the boiler to start heating, message the coffee machine to start and tell you the weather forecast.

Other items that you can expect are refrigerators, washing machines, cookers, ovens, mirrors, boilers, doors, cameras and even your cups.

You will save so much time! You will have more time to enjoy your home and your family.

IoT and home automation

So, how will it look, the home of the future? On the first glace, everything will remain the same. You will probably not have any new appliances or home robots. The thing that will change is the connectivity. The focus will be on your comfort. Everything will happen faster and with fewer efforts.

Should you be worried about IoT?

There are few problems with the IoT, at the moment, that need attention.

First is the security. These devices are not very sophisticated so far and hackers often “kidnap” them for DDoS attacks.

The other thing to consider is the privacy. These devices should not transmit information to third parties. You don’t want to give information about your daily schedule to whoever, don’t you?

If the companies who produce IoT devices manage to solve these problems, we could have a brighter and easier future.

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