Net Neutrality is back, this time in California

25.09.2018 813 0

Net Neutrality sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Probably because we covered this topic back in January. Its importance and benefits to the users in the States were made quite clear. What has happened since then, though?

Basically, the big communication companies and the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, Ajit Pai killed the Net Neutrality on 11th of June, 2018.

The big internet providers haven’t blocked any pages and changed their policies yet but in the near future they will limit the internet traffic in a way that will most probably damage the small companies and the end users in the USA.

As sad as the news is, desperation is not an option. There’s still a glimmer of hope. Hope on an individual state level – that in the face of California’s rebellion.

There, the senator Scott Wiener enacted the SB822 state rule that not only restores the Net Neutrality in California but also adds extra benefits to the consumers.

The adversity this new rule faced was immense. A multitude of negative comments by the Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and a strong campaign against it couldn’t negate the rule. In the end, with 61 to 18, the rule was accepted. At least in one of the states, it seems that common sense beat the corporate interests. The only thing left is for the governor to sign it.

Ajit Pai reacted dramatically and condemned the act as “illegal” and “burdensome.” Saying he didn’t like it at all would be an understatement. Now the problem of the open internet will be a discussion for each state individually. For Ajit Pai, what happened in California wass against the law, undermining the authority of the FFC.

The senator Wiener was quick to respond to mister Pai. He said that the SB822 was necessary and legal and its purpose was to ensure an open Internet after all. He also stated that FCC didn’t have power on the state level.

So what is next?

Maybe there is still hope for the Internet users in the USA. If one state can bring back the Net Neutrality so can the rest. The open Internet is not just people’s whim. It is part of the democracy.

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