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5 uses for Artificial Intelligence in the Cloud

361 18.06.2018

Artificial Intelligence and Cloud. Two terms which have become quite the buzz words over the pas few years. They are often accompanied by clichés like “world-changing”, “disruptive&# ...

How will quantum computers change the world?

368 12.06.2018

Quantum computers, you probably have heard about them, but you haven’t seen them. Are they Sci-Fi fiction or a real thing? They are real, even after many years, they are still in its early stage of de ...

Digital services that change the business

364 04.06.2018

For all the millennials out there, digital is the norm. They were born with tablets in their hands and fast Wi-Fi connection. But we, the previous generations experience every one of the technological ...

Most powerful supercomputers in the world

379 28.05.2018

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Supercomputers. I guess some of you are probably imagining a super widescreen with 4k resolution and a video card that can play Fortnite or PUBG in 500 fps in highest sett ...

IoT and home automation

435 22.05.2018

IoT (Internet of things) might not be popular yet, but soon it will be everywhere. Just like the smartphones, people will start using it, and the world will change forever. You don’t believe us, ...

Best practices: Protect your server

368 11.05.2018

In an ever more connected world, the danger of cyber-criminals is just getting stronger. There are hacker’s groups that do it just for fun and others that work for whoever pays. This creates a massive ...

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