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DDoS attacks – types and variations

146 02.04.2019

We have already talked about DDoS attacks. They are a modern plague terrorizing the Internet. Throughout the years they have become stronger and more frequent. The variety of DDoS attacks has increase ...

Enterprises continue to bet big on the multi-cloud

73 28.03.2019

The cloud services market continues to expand and evolve. And the State of the Cloud 2019 report by Flexera and RightScale shows that enterprises are starting to become braver when it comes to their c ...

Hack-proof your devices and stay safe

101 26.03.2019

There is plenty of malware out there created to harm you. They get into your device through a simple click on a link or through the installation of a seemingly harmless application. You can lose sensi ...

Will the new WebAuthn standard replace the classic passwords?

82 21.03.2019

Despite all of the technological advancements, passwords remain the most popular way for people to secure and log into their various profiles and services. However, the classic passwords are often the ...

Virtualization, what does it mean?

81 19.03.2019

So you’ve rented a powerful dedicated server from Cloudware and you want to fully utilize it, why not use virtualization? You don’t know what it is? It is a solution that can lower the need for multip ...

What stood out during the Mobile World Congress 2019?

117 14.03.2019

This year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona looked a bit more thrilling than before. One of the main reasons for this is that finally there were some new trends and technologies coming into reality ...

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