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Where is the physical location of the cloud?

189 11.09.2018

Cloud. No, not the one in the sky. We are talking about the digital cloud. The one that you use for your storage like Google Drive or for your work – Microsoft Office 365. These are cloud servic ...

What is edge computing and will it become a big trend

210 04.09.2018

People and organizations have just become used to the cloud computing world and now there’s something entirely new on the scene – edge computing. Of course, for the IT world edge computing isn’t that ...

How AI Will Break Down The Stereotypes Of Financial Services

159 30.08.2018

AI will change pretty much everything. The question is, are we, as a society, ready to handle the changes? Especially industries, which are viewed by the majority of people as “analogue” and conservat ...

History of the Sofia Data Center

380 28.08.2018

Today, Sofia Data Center (SDC) is one of the best data centers in Eastern Europe. But in order to earn this recognition, it took many years of constant development. Do you want to learn how it all hap ...

How Companies are Adopting the Cloud in 2018

149 23.08.2018

A lot has been said about cloud technologies and services. They are the technological advancement that can change the world as we know it. But have they? The 2018 Cloud Computing Survey by IDG sheds s ...

5 Creative Ways To Invent Easy-To-Remember Domain Names

253 21.08.2018

Your website can easily get lost in the “sea” of new websites that are out there. Yet, owning a proper domain name is crucial for your brand. How can you do that? Here are several ways to think of a g ...

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