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How AI Will Break Down The Stereotypes Of Financial Services

198 30.08.2018

AI will change pretty much everything. The question is, are we, as a society, ready to handle the changes? Especially industries, which are viewed by the majority of people as “analogue” and conservat ...

Will realistic AI be good or bad for society

358 16.08.2018

“What AI needs is a dose of realism.” That’s what Oren Etzioni, an American entrepreneur, professor of Computer Science, and CEO of the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence said to O’Reilly bac ...

5 ways you use the cloud all the time without even realizing

343 27.06.2018

Over the past few years, “cloud” began to mean a lot more than the fluffy (and sometimes quite angry) features in the sky. These days in the world of IT, the “cloud cover” is pretty much constant. Yet ...

5 uses for Artificial Intelligence in the Cloud

388 18.06.2018

Artificial Intelligence and Cloud. Two terms which have become quite the buzz words over the pas few years. They are often accompanied by clichés like “world-changing”, “disruptive&# ...

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