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What is Multicloud and is it the next big thing?

63 27.09.2018

Just like there are several types of real clouds, there are a few IT clouds, as well. After the Public cloud, the Private cloud and the Hybrid cloud, now the Multicloud is gaining popularity. It’s not ...

Where is the physical location of the cloud?

92 11.09.2018

Cloud. No, not the one in the sky. We are talking about the digital cloud. The one that you use for your storage like Google Drive or for your work – Microsoft Office 365. These are cloud servic ...

What is edge computing and will it become a big trend

102 04.09.2018

People and organizations have just become used to the cloud computing world and now there’s something entirely new on the scene – edge computing. Of course, for the IT world edge computing isn’t that ...

How Companies are Adopting the Cloud in 2018

69 23.08.2018

A lot has been said about cloud technologies and services. They are the technological advancement that can change the world as we know it. But have they? The 2018 Cloud Computing Survey by IDG sheds s ...

The History of Data Centers

133 14.08.2018

What exactly is a data center? Before we get into the history, let’s define the term data center. It is a physical space, a facility that contains computer systems and related components. They can inc ...

How does the cloud help the digital transformation of businesses?

181 11.07.2018

Ah, digital transformation. Those two words are seemingly everywhere. Companies all over the world are rushing to embark and complete it, each with varying levels of success. Many companies see digita ...

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