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History of the Sofia Data Center

444 28.08.2018

Today, Sofia Data Center (SDC) is one of the best data centers in Eastern Europe. But in order to earn this recognition, it took many years of constant development. Do you want to learn how it all hap ...

How does the cloud help the digital transformation of businesses?

319 11.07.2018

Ah, digital transformation. Those two words are seemingly everywhere. Companies all over the world are rushing to embark and complete it, each with varying levels of success. Many companies see digita ...

5 ways you use the cloud all the time without even realizing

343 27.06.2018

Over the past few years, “cloud” began to mean a lot more than the fluffy (and sometimes quite angry) features in the sky. These days in the world of IT, the “cloud cover” is pretty much constant. Yet ...

Digital services that change the business

391 04.06.2018

For all the millennials out there, digital is the norm. They were born with tablets in their hands and fast Wi-Fi connection. But we, the previous generations experience every one of the technological ...

Cloud Trends of 2018

560 09.03.2018

It is 2018 already, cloud computing is not just a futuristic dream. It has entered into the daily life of many big and small companies. The cloud revolution has already happened, but it doesn’t stop t ...

The future of cloud computing

874 27.10.2017

Until recently, a cloud was just an object in the sky. Nobody could imagine how much the technology will advance. We are starting to migrate all of our activities to The Cloud, a virtual environment m ...

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