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Did Microsoft go crazy sinking their data centers undersea?!

121 05.03.2019

Microsoft has started to submerge many servers around the world. No, this is not a madness. It is actually a genius idea that will save plenty of money and provide better service for millions. The mai ...

What is a UPS device and why do servers need it?

78 26.02.2019

There are many new internet users who have been exposed to the web either through a mobile phone or a laptop. Inside of those gadgets, there are batteries which are charged through adapters with filte ...

Where is the physical location of the cloud?

234 11.09.2018

Cloud. No, not the one in the sky. We are talking about the digital cloud. The one that you use for your storage like Google Drive or for your work – Microsoft Office 365. These are cloud servic ...

The History of Data Centers

312 14.08.2018

What exactly is a data center? Before we get into the history, let’s define the term data center. It is a physical space, a facility that contains computer systems and related components. They can inc ...

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