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DDoS attacks – types and variations

147 02.04.2019

We have already talked about DDoS attacks. They are a modern plague terrorizing the Internet. Throughout the years they have become stronger and more frequent. The variety of DDoS attacks has increase ...

The Biggest Tech Flops in 2018

116 17.01.2019

Ah, 2018. The IT industry will certainly not remember that year fondly. It started off rather well, but ended in a bad way. Lots of privacy scandals, political pressure, slowdown in major markets such ...

Best practices: Protect your server

392 11.05.2018

In an ever more connected world, the danger of cyber-criminals is just getting stronger. There are hacker’s groups that do it just for fun and others that work for whoever pays. This creates a massive ...

What is DDoS attack and DDoS Protection

1,039 22.03.2018

DDoS attacks are getting more and more common. If you are a business owner of a financial institution, online media, store or any other type of business that cannot afford to have downtime, you have h ...

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