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Digital services that change the business

391 04.06.2018

For all the millennials out there, digital is the norm. They were born with tablets in their hands and fast Wi-Fi connection. But we, the previous generations experience every one of the technological ...

Best practices: Protect your server

392 11.05.2018

In an ever more connected world, the danger of cyber-criminals is just getting stronger. There are hacker’s groups that do it just for fun and others that work for whoever pays. This creates a massive ...

Windows or Linux for your servers

696 07.12.2017

It is not an easy job, to choose the right operating system for your servers. There are plenty of things to consider. What exactly is the purpose of your servers, how many users you need, what softwar ...

What is RAID and why does it matter?

704 23.11.2017

You have probably seen this RAID abbreviation, and you have wondered what it is? RAID means – Redundant Array of Independent Disks. It is a replacement for the standard option of just one storag ...

The Benefits of IPMI for your dedicated server

576 08.11.2017

IPMI is something very convenient for every user of a dedicated server. It simplifies the interaction with your server. But what is IPMI? IPMI – Intelligent Platform Management Interface, is an ...

When do you need to rent a server?

556 23.10.2017

If you don’t have experience with different hosting services, you will see the price difference between a shared hosting and a renting a server, and you will probably go for a shared one. There are ma ...

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