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So what is a Tensor processing unit (TPU) and why will it be the future of Machine Learning?

127 05.02.2019

So, for sure you know that a CPU is. GPU is probably something that you know too. But have you ever heard of a TPU? TPU stands for a tensor processing unit. Google produces these processors. They are ...

Satellite trends in 2019

93 03.01.2019

Over the past few years the satellite industry has grown quite a lot. But it’s nothing compared to the growth which many analysts expect over the next two decades. For example, Goldman Sachs predicts ...

Cloud trends in 2019

108 13.12.2018

The cloud is ever so prevalent, but it’s far from being done growing. There’s a lot more room for this technology to expand and improve itself. And in 2019 we may see yet another big rise in the cloud ...

5 cool facts about nanosatellites

95 22.11.2018

Venturing into space is one of the great challenges of humanity. There are a lot of unknowns, serious difficulties and enormous expenses involved. This is why space projects are largely reserved for g ...

5 near-future uses of nanotechnologies

109 01.11.2018

Nanotechnology is a favorite word in Hollywood movies. It sounds futuristic, most people don’t know much about it which paves the way for a lot of crazy on-screen stuff with little explanation. Howeve ...

11 old tech predictions that came to pass

153 18.10.2018

Technology moves very, very fast and often takes unexpected routes. So, making predictions about the future of tech is quite tricky. The risk of ending with an egg on your face is quite big. Even so, ...

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