Top tech of 2018

174 29.01.2019

2018 is gone! Yep, it is over, but was there anything that we should remember from it? On the surface, nothing new – Intel kept manufacturing 14nm processors; Apple kept producing more of the sa ...

Project Stream and xCloud. Is this the future or is it a failure?

207 15.01.2019

Millennials have changed plenty of industries. Thanks to them we are moving from owning to just using items. Console gaming is the next “victim.” We used to have a real console at home, connected to a ...

Why are videogames so difficult and expensive to make?

183 08.11.2018

Depending on how much you love videogames, you may be surprised to find out there’s a Bachelor of Science in Games Development in some universities. And no, that’s not just some random degree to fill ...