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11 old tech predictions that came to pass

20 18.10.2018

Technology moves very, very fast and often takes unexpected routes. So, making predictions about the future of tech is quite tricky. The risk of ending with an egg on your face is quite big. Even so, ...

8 technologies which are still around and we don’t remember

115 18.09.2018

Technology is a great thing. It advances like nothing else at a pace which very few can handle, even within the same industry. As a result, there are often technologies which emerge, create a big foll ...

History of the Sofia Data Center

222 28.08.2018

Today, Sofia Data Center (SDC) is one of the best data centers in Eastern Europe. But in order to earn this recognition, it took many years of constant development. Do you want to learn how it all hap ...

The History of Data Centers

133 14.08.2018

What exactly is a data center? Before we get into the history, let’s define the term data center. It is a physical space, a facility that contains computer systems and related components. They can inc ...

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