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The history of the Apache HTTP Server, how it all came together

123 31.01.2019

Apache is quite the widespread word in the world of IT and not because of the military helicopter. It’s because of the Apache HTTP Server which over the years has become one of the most popular web se ...

How devices got smaller, but we want them bigger

147 29.11.2018

In the 80s and 90s futuristic movies people were all about the tiny do-all pocket devices that some day we will all have. In the early 2000s that vision was coming closer and closer to reality as mobi ...

The most important processors of all time

155 27.11.2018

Processors – the heart of any computer. The components that execute more than 1,000,000,000 actions per second. They are fast, small and energy efficient. But it took them a long time to get to ...

Geek vs nerd, what to call your “special” friend?

165 30.10.2018

The terms “geek” and “nerd” are very commonly used in the popular culture. People identifying as such are practically everywhere and more openly accept their tag. Would you like to know the difference ...

Who invented the emoji?

289 23.10.2018

If you are a millennial, you were probably born with the emoji already. But for all the rest of us, there was a long, dark time of the Internet, when we needed to communicate with full words and creat ...

11 old tech predictions that came to pass

190 18.10.2018

Technology moves very, very fast and often takes unexpected routes. So, making predictions about the future of tech is quite tricky. The risk of ending with an egg on your face is quite big. Even so, ...

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