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When should kids get their first phone or tablet?

73 16.10.2018

When we were young, there were no mobile phones, no tables, not even a single computer in our homes. For most of the 90s kids, the first device arrived when we were already 10-12 years old. Was it the ...

Deep web

177 09.10.2018

For most of us, the internet is what we can see in Google. If something can’t be found there, it does not exist. However, in reality there are plenty of websites that offer various legal or illegal se ...

History of the Sofia Data Center

222 28.08.2018

Today, Sofia Data Center (SDC) is one of the best data centers in Eastern Europe. But in order to earn this recognition, it took many years of constant development. Do you want to learn how it all hap ...

5 Creative Ways To Invent Easy-To-Remember Domain Names

133 21.08.2018

Your website can easily get lost in the “sea” of new websites that are out there. Yet, owning a proper domain name is crucial for your brand. How can you do that? Here are several ways to think of a g ...

The not-so-hidden risks of IoT

249 04.07.2018

The Internet of Things (IoT) is rapidly approaching. It is estimated that in a few years, we will start to see the first huge wave of IoT devices, projects and innovations. All of this has huge potent ...

5 ways you use the cloud all the time without even realizing

178 27.06.2018

Over the past few years, “cloud” began to mean a lot more than the fluffy (and sometimes quite angry) features in the sky. These days in the world of IT, the “cloud cover” is pretty much constant. Yet ...

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