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Are there spy chips in servers from China?

105 11.10.2018

The past few days have been quite intense in the world of IT for all the wrong reasons. Bloomberg BusinessWeek posted a lengthy article in which it claims 30 US companies, including Amazon and Apple w ...

Autonomous cars are coming and 5G will play a vital role for them

85 04.10.2018

Autonomous cars are gaining ground and becoming closer to reality with every single day. If their makers’ ambitions live up to the expectations, there will be thousands and thousands of connected vehi ...

Net Neutrality is back, this time in California

78 25.09.2018

Net Neutrality sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Probably because we covered this topic back in January. Its importance and benefits to the users in the States were made quite clear. What has happened sinc ...

The History of Data Centers

133 14.08.2018

What exactly is a data center? Before we get into the history, let’s define the term data center. It is a physical space, a facility that contains computer systems and related components. They can inc ...

IoT and home automation

295 22.05.2018

IoT (Internet of things) might not be popular yet, but soon it will be everywhere. Just like the smartphones, people will start using it, and the world will change forever. You don’t believe us, ...

Largest DDoS Attacks: Are we safe?

407 27.04.2018

DDoS attacks are starting to be common. No matter what kind of business you have, you for sure, have suffered at least once a DDoS attack. Those attacks are thanks to the many cyber-criminals out ther ...

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