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What is Fog computing and should you care about it?

45 17.04.2019

There are so many types of computing out there. After cloud computing and edge computing, there’s also fog computing which has gained traction. But what is it and should you pay attention to it or is ...

Hack-proof your devices and stay safe

101 26.03.2019

There is plenty of malware out there created to harm you. They get into your device through a simple click on a link or through the installation of a seemingly harmless application. You can lose sensi ...

What stood out during the Mobile World Congress 2019?

117 14.03.2019

This year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona looked a bit more thrilling than before. One of the main reasons for this is that finally there were some new trends and technologies coming into reality ...

Why you must have an SSL certificate for your domain

238 06.11.2018

If you are just getting started with your first website, you can easily get overwhelmed by the plethora of options for hosting, domain and extra services, faster cache, DNS, failover, DDoS protection ...

Are there spy chips in servers from China?

327 11.10.2018

The past few days have been quite intense in the world of IT for all the wrong reasons. Bloomberg BusinessWeek posted a lengthy article in which it claims 30 US companies, including Amazon and Apple w ...

Autonomous cars are coming and 5G will play a vital role for them

215 04.10.2018

Autonomous cars are gaining ground and becoming closer to reality with every single day. If their makers’ ambitions live up to the expectations, there will be thousands and thousands of connected vehi ...

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