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Are there spy chips in servers from China?

105 11.10.2018

The past few days have been quite intense in the world of IT for all the wrong reasons. Bloomberg BusinessWeek posted a lengthy article in which it claims 30 US companies, including Amazon and Apple w ...

Deep web

178 09.10.2018

For most of us, the internet is what we can see in Google. If something can’t be found there, it does not exist. However, in reality there are plenty of websites that offer various legal or illegal se ...

Net Neutrality is back, this time in California

78 25.09.2018

Net Neutrality sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Probably because we covered this topic back in January. Its importance and benefits to the users in the States were made quite clear. What has happened sinc ...

Where is the physical location of the cloud?

92 11.09.2018

Cloud. No, not the one in the sky. We are talking about the digital cloud. The one that you use for your storage like Google Drive or for your work – Microsoft Office 365. These are cloud servic ...

How AI Will Break Down The Stereotypes Of Financial Services

80 30.08.2018

AI will change pretty much everything. The question is, are we, as a society, ready to handle the changes? Especially industries, which are viewed by the majority of people as “analogue” and conservat ...

Experts Recommend This Cybersecurity Plan for Your Company

114 08.08.2018

Cybersecurity is becoming a very important topic for companies. According to a research compilation by Blue Corona from early 2018, 77.6% of SMBs use social media for their marketing strategy. Studies ...

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