The Benefits of IPMI for your dedicated server

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IPMI is something very convenient for every user of a dedicated server. It simplifies the interaction with your server.

But what is IPMI?

IPMI – Intelligent Platform Management Interface, is an interface and protocol, that is autonomous and provides the ability to remotely monitor and control servers, through software or an online interface, no matter what OS (operating system) they use.

Simply said, it is like the BIOS of your home computer. It allows you to access some settings and check the sensors inside.


IPMI is independent. It has a separate place on the motherboard and it doesn’t need the OS to function. You can interact with the IPMI even if the server is down.

You can also control and monitor remotely. If you want to reset or restart your server, you can do it without the need to contact the customer support. This can save you valuable time and money.

You can monitor and control most of the insides of your server such as temperature, voltage, fan speed, CPU status, bus and processor errors, system events.

You can set values for these parameters and receive alarms if they reach them. Like this, you can prevent hardware failures. This means more uptime for your servers.

IPMI is standard and generic. Most of the hardware vendors are applying it. This gives you the opportunity to manage different servers with the same interface. Some vendors can have extra features, but the most used are always included. You can easily create a large network of servers, with different components, but still controlled through IPMI.

The IPMI is a very easy and convenient interface. It gives you important statistics about your servers and the ability to control them. It is widely popular among component makers and it is reverse compatible. IPMI offers great value, reduces the IT infrastructure cost, and serves very well, especially in high availability environment.

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