The emerging cloud computing trends in 2020

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The cloud computing industry continues to expand and develop. And 2020 shapes up to be a very dynamic year for the cloud. We could see a few major shifts in the industry which can bring significant changes. They should make the segment even better for the clients.

Some of the cloud computing trends in 2020 will be new, while others will simply evolve from previous years. Here are the ones that could be most impactful not only for the business and technology sides, but also for the mindset of providers and clients.

Welcome the Omni-Cloud

What’s an Omni-Cloud you ask? It’s an evolved Mutli-Cloud. It means that clients will see it as a routine to spread workloads across multiple providers and that the integration and connectivity between those providers will continue to get easier and easier. This will also allow smaller providers to offer very specific niche services which would easily integrate with the main platforms the client uses.

Kubernetes will continue to conquer

Kubernetes allows companies to take full advantage of this multi-to-omni-cloud transition. As such, they will continue to expand their popularity and add new options, functions and possibilities. CRN predicts that this won’t mean more balkanization of the Kubernetes. Instead, it could lead to consolidation. It will be needed for cloud infrastructure companies to stay competitive.

Evolving data centers

Data centers will continue to get smarter and more efficient. They will change slowly and adapt to the new requirements that clients have. New types of workloads, more services and resources are becoming a daily occurrence for data centers.

SaaS gets more intelligent

SaaS platforms will start benefiting more from the advancements in AI. This means better and more efficient automation for a lot more services. From maintenance services, to analytics and front-end features like better chatbots. Plus, AI and “smart” or “intelligent” are quite the buzz-words right now so many providers will try and take advantage of that to bring in more potential customers.

There’s an App for that

Dan Kohn, executive director of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, told CRN that major open source projects will start supporting ‘app dev’ practices. They will start offering services to facilitate the packaging and deployment of apps. And the cloud will be the main scene for them. The foundation even has a new Application Delivery Special Interest Group to make sure this will happen.

Don’t forget security

As more and more organizations rely on the cloud for their operations, cybersecurity will be a hot topic as ever. Enterprises will have increased demands for security and cloud providers will oblige. This will lead to new features and services, but it will also drive cloud providers to look for and acquire security-focused companies and startups to beef up their capabilities.

Private won’t mean difficult

Companies will continue to use private cloud setups in 2020 and that won’t change any time soon. But the use of hybrid cloud setups will start getting even easier and offloading some workloads to a public cloud will become much simpler. Providers will make sure that is the case and clients will enjoy the benefits of this while still keeping their sensitive data in a private cloud.

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