The future of cloud computing

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Until recently, a cloud was just an object in the sky. Nobody could imagine how much the technology will advance. We are starting to migrate all of our activities to The Cloud, a virtual environment made from a system of connected devices. These networks of servers are super powerful and can store and process a huge amount of data. The trend has started with small applications and occasional extra space usage, and it has grown massively ever since. Now you have complete user interfaces based on the cloud, and cloud computing is getting widely used by every big company.

What will the future bring?

The death of traditional hosting

A typical hosting service host all of the websites on one server and they share resources between them. This practice will die, and it will be replaced by hybrid virtual servers and cloud servers. The performance is far better, and they are more reliable.

Cloud first

The companies will choose cloud platforms instead of local ones for all of their operations. This won’t be trendy only with IT and Big Data companies, but it will be widespread among all sectors – manufacturing, healthcare, urban planning and more. ERP cloud-based systems will be used for total management of the organizations. This will allow even small companies with limited budgets to consider and integrate cloud computing into their practices.


AI, the artificial intelligence will start to matter. We have already seen AI used in consumer electronics such as smartphones, and how much it can speed up the process. The same will happen, the cloud computing will be powered with AI that can learn and do tasks faster than any current processor. This will allow bigger data to be processed and it will open new possibilities for the developers.

Improved security

Leaving all of the data in the cloud will significantly increase the danger of hacking attacks. Cloud-based systems are known to be vulnerable to DDoS attacks, and with the rising number of connected devices, this will continue to be an enormous problem. The cloud must become bigger and more resistant to massive traffic. Another change will be the better encryption of the information.

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