The most common tech mistakes we all make

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As humans we all are prone to mistakes. We actually can’t really do anything without mistakes. All of our successes are based on a long line of mistakes we learn from. But then again, the idea is once you’ve made a mistake once or twice, to remember it and fix it. Sadly, that’s not always the case.

There are some common mistakes we make all the time. Including in our daily dealings with technology. Some of these gaffes might be simple and not that significant, but others can cause us a lot of headaches.

Here are some of the most common tech mistakes we make:

Simple passwords

Even if we don’t admit it, we all have at least one account with a simple password. Or we use one password on more than one account. This is probably the most common tech blunder out of them all. It’s something everyone proclaims as wrong, yet we all still do it. Well, at least try to minimize the simple and overused passwords to “burner” accounts – an email account you only use for one-time registrations in misc sites, for example.

Neglecting security features

The digital age has a whole new set of security challenges. If these days there are plenty of ways to secure your home, we also have to secure our digital lives. This is why features like 2-factor authentication, biometric features on smartphones and so on are important. Sure, it seems like it’s just a gimmick or yet another thing to take up a few seconds of our already busy day. But it can be the difference maker when a hacker is choosing new targets.

Forgetting important settings

Sometimes we are so eager to start using a new product or service, we speed through all the settings just to get it over with. This way we often miss out on important settings and features we might want on (or off). It’s also a reason why we might forget about restricting the access to our social media posts to just friends instead of them being public to all. It’s a good thing to actually set aside a bit of time to check out all the settings and feature a product or service we use has.

Not cleaning our devices inside and outside

Just as our house and car need regular cleaning, the same goes for our devices. Dust is the enemy to electronics, so keeping them regularly dusted is important. For example, less dust means your computer will cool off more efficiently and respectively run more efficiently and quietly. Plus, it’s just a much better feeling to be working on a clean device.

But it’s not just about the clean hardware. We also have to take care of the software. This means regular updates, removing junk and duplicate files, keeping an overall order in our files, etc. It takes a bit of time and effort, but the results are worth it and you have a great working system for much, much longer.

Not backing up

Another very, very important thing we neglect. Keeping regular backups of our important data is an absolute must. Devices and HDDs malfunction all the time. And there are plenty of risks. From a mere electricity spike to a ransomware attack. All of this and a lot more can destroy your data. In today’s world, keeping a proper back up to at least your most important data is vital.

Buying the wrong device / Setting wrong expectations

We often want the best possible device for our money. Sadly, that’s not always the case. There are many reasons for that. For example, simply buying the wrong device, because we didn’t do proper research. Like buying an expensive laptop with the intention to play games, only to find out it’s actually a business-oriented ultrabook.

Then there are the expectations. We can’t expect a mid-range server to solve all of our current and future problems with company data and performance. The solutions here are simple. Set your expectations clear from the start. Then make sure the devices you’re checking out, actually are focused towards those expectations. A high price doesn’t mean a device that can do anything and everything equally well.

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