Tips For Selecting Best Dedicated Server Hosting

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Dedicated servers are a great solution when you want the best for your online presence, apps, platforms and so on. With a dedicated server, clients get all of the benefits of a top-notch data center and on top of that they also have the entire server to themselves without sharing it with anyone.

Choosing a dedicated server hosting, though, has its own set of challenges. As you rent the entire server, you will also be the one to basically configure it, troubleshoot it and so on. This means you have to be mindful of very different criteria than when you’re choosing a regular web hosting or a cloud service. Here are a few tips to consider when choosing a dedicated server hosting.

OS Choices

Setting up the hardware is not the start of the process. First, you need to choose your operating system. Some providers might offer you ready-made solutions for this. Others will let you choose and install what you want. Either way, this might mean additional costs for the OS and the added software you will need.

Consider whether a Windows Server or Linux OS will be more suitable for you. Also, what other software platforms will you use? Take all of that into consideration first, as this way you can then choose suitable dedicated server. Otherwise, you might end up with a server that won’t run your software well enough or at all.

The hardware

As you’re renting the entire server, you get a say in what hardware it uses. Most providers offer a variety of options., for example, has over 10 configurations specifically made for a variety of uses and budgets. It also has the option for you to specify a custom configuration.

Before you rent, make sure you’re clear about what you need the dedicated server for. Will it handle massive databases? Or will it be for intense data crunching? Will there be a lot of users? How much space would you need? What’s the bandwidth offered? Also, research what the options for server upgrade or configuration change at a later date are.

Additional features

They depend a lot on what you’re going to use your dedicated server for. If you’re going to host a site, you will need a platform like cPanel & WHM. They are for Linux OSs.

Some providers might also offer extra security features like DDoS protection and more. They can be added to your dedicated server with a few clicks (prices may vary a lot depending on the service). For sure you should add malware protection, too. Since you’re going to use your dedicated server for business purposes, then security should be a top priority.

Also, see whether you get additional features like IPMI access, RAID, Redundancy and more. They might be featured just for some specific plans and offered separately for the rest. It all depends on the providers.

Don’t forget the support

This is where one service provider can really outshine the rest. While the idea of a dedicated server means “you rent it, you deal with it”, not all providers see it like that. Some offer additional technical support and this can be something as simple as uptime or bandwidth monitor to more complex operations, troubleshooting and more. Usually these services are charged extra.

Also, take note of when you will actually get your dedicated server. Some providers can take up to a few days to get everything ready for you. That’s not fun, right? Others have the ability to deliver their main configurations within minutes of your payment. This means you can start working immediately. Of course, for specific custom configurations delivery times will be a bit different.

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