VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Server Hosting, the key differences

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When browsing for hosting solutions, you can come across at least a couple options. The first will be shared hosting and cloud hosting. They are ok for starters, but when you want better reliability and performance, you will undoubtedly face the VPS hosting vs Dedicated Server Hosting dilemma. What are the differences?

What is Dedicated server hosting?

Dedicated server hosting means that you will get a whole computer for your hosting needs. All of the components will work just for you. All the cores of the computer, all the memory will not be shared with others. It is the option when you need the best performance and complete control.

It is suitable for big companies that want to provide fast loading for their users. It is also ideal for e-commerce sites that get hundreds of thousands of visitors.

Having complete control allows you to better tweak the device to your needs. You can add more functionality, extra filters, different types of servers (not just website hosting), better monitoring, and more.
Updating can be easy or difficult, depending on the service provider. In many cases, the process will be light and most probably free of charge. There are a few factors that shouldn’t be ignored too.

Premium quality comes at a higher price. You will need an IT person to manage it and react in case of problems.

What is VPS hosting?

VPS is a slightly cheaper alternative to the dedicated server for hosting. It works in a similar way. The user gets a device with an installed OS for their needs. The big difference is the word VIRTUAL. By choosing VPS hosting you will only get a virtual machine, a part of a bigger real server. You will have a piece of the whole computer, just like the rest of the users. You can expect less performance in comparison to using the whole server just for your needs. You would be able to fix the performance issue by easily updating it to a more expensive plan.

Here again, you will have more control in comparison to a shared hosting solution.

It is faster than the shared hosting. Superuser access, which allows you greater control.

Easy to scale. Usually with just a few clicks you can upgrade it.
It is more expensive than a shared option and a bit cheaper than a dedicated server solution.

You will have less control than the dedicated server and again will need an IT professional for managing it.

What does Cloudware offer?

Cloudware offers Dedicated Server Hosting for those of you with large businesses or a demand for superior performance. Check out our plans and you can always find us at info@cloudware.bg for any additional information. We can also provide a custom dedicated server, tailored to your particular needs. Just write us an email.

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