What are the differences between a cloud server and a virtual private server?

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In this article, you will learn what a cloud server and a virtual private server (VPS) are, and you will be able to make the right decision according to your needs. Are you searching for server solution for your business? You have probably encountered many different options, and you got confused. Don’t worry; we will explain you everything.

Cloud Server

First, let us explain what a cloud server is. It is a virtual server; it can be a network of many different servers running in a cloud-based environment. This makes it easily accessible remotely. Another significant advantage, because it is virtual, it is incredibly easy to set up and to do changes in the future. Imagine if you need more space or some additional service, this takes just a few clicks, to see the different plans and to select the right one for you. This is the magic of on-demand services. You don’t need to do physical changes to your server; this saves time and money. This makes it very suitable for small and medium-sized businesses, who would like to start small but to have the opportunity to expand easily and fast. A benefit of the cloud structure is also the better availability and security. The cloud services usually include a network of different servers in different areas; this makes it very convenient. Imagine if one of your servers is attacked by a DDoS attack, or maybe it is just down for maintaining, the rest will still be online and will cover the load between them, your clients won’t even feel it.

Virtual private server (VPS)

This one is a particular machine sold or rent by a service provider. It is the choice mainly of large enterprises, which require a high level of control, outstanding I/O performance and Big Data. Here you will have the full access to the configurations, CPU, RAM, storage space and more. The hardware is upgradable, but this requires IT stuff, and it can make downtime for maintenance. In most of the cases you have full root access, you decide how to use it, but again, you need to hire IT administrators for it. It has a lot of power, but it is harder to manage.

So which is better?

Definitely, for small and medium-sized business the Cloud server would be a better choice. It gives you a lot of flexibility and the chance to quickly and easily update. VPS is for particular tasks; we recommend it to large companies with very specific needs.

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