What is Big Data?

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Our modern way of living has driven us to a digital revolution. We barely note something on a piece of paper. We rather do it on our mobile or computer; we don’t just enjoy our vacations, we take hours of videos and thousands of photos; at work, we make calendar appointments; our devices do GPS tracking and more. We create so much information that is getting harder to make sense of it. This is where the Big Data comes.

The Big Data is a set of information, very large, complex and diverse. This data can come from many different sources and in a variety of formats. It is outside of the reach for traditional methods and software to collect and use the data.

Big Data has three essential characteristics


The amount, how much data there is. The Big Data needs to work with different inputs such as data from the internet, sensors, social network data and more and convert it into useful information. This can go from few terabytes to whooping countless petabytes.


In today’s world, the information needs to be received and processed as fast as possible. Many products, such as health or tracking devices, rely on real-time calculations. With the massive inflows of information, slow processing can make the data useless.


Big Data analyses information from various sources. Some of the information is raw, and some is structured. The Big Data need to store, organize and use all kinds of data.


Use outside intelligence. You can use data from social networks like Facebook or Twitter to know your clients better. This way you can target them more precisely.

Customer service. The Big Data, combined with another popular technology – AI (artificial intelligence), can boost the speed of your customer services and eventually change the people with bots.

Operational efficiency. You can analyze data faster than before. It can be used in all kinds of business decisions.

Big Data can be an incredibly useful tool for your business. It requires a lot of resources (fast modern servers) but using it correctly it can give many benefits to your company.

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