What is DDoS attack and DDoS Protection

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DDoS attacks are getting more and more common. If you are a business owner of a financial institution, online media, store or any other type of business that cannot afford to have downtime, you have heard about it. It is an attack that cripples your network and leads to many angry customers and financial loses.

DDoS attack

Distributed denial of service. There are cyber-criminals who infect and harvest unprotected connected devices – computers, phones and many IoT devices. They create a so-called botnet; this is the network of controlled devices that they can use to start the attack. They sell such a service (DDoS attack) on illegal web markets. They are so common that YoY increase is more than 20%. Once the attack is purchased, the cyber-criminal activates the botnet and directs massive traffic to the target. The traffic is significant and last for long enough to bring down the network of the victim.

How to protect ourselves from DDoS attacks?

You can stop the DDoS attacks by using a DDoS Protection. It will filter the incoming traffic, halting the malicious one and allowing the regular. It does it by analyzing the requests that come through the DNS servers and blocking the damaged or uncompleted ones.

Our DDoS protection can withstand traffic larger than 1Tbps which is enough for small and medium-sized businesses.

It protects the traffic coming from international locations in real time without delaying the services on your server.


Sadly, with the growing number of connected devices, the possibility of DDoS attacks is higher than ever. Be pro-active and prevent DDoS attacks with our service. This way you will provide a sustainable service to your clients, without downtimes. You won’t miss a sale, nor you will have angry clients who can’t use their service.

It is a simple solution to a great threat, DDoS protection and no more problems.

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