When Do I Need to Consider Dedicated Hosting?

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Your online business is going great! Congrats, this is awesome. And looking at the numbers, you can expect more and more clients in the next months. Should you upgrade your hosting plan? Can your shared hosting handle the increased traffic? If not, what can you do? A dedicated server can be a great solution for your growing business.

What is a dedicated server?

Shared hosting means that you are actually sharing the same server with many more clients. All of the resources are divided between the clients, which makes it cheaper for them, but they also get a lot less of everything. The dedicated server is just for you. You can rent a complete computer, and use all of its resources just for your business needs. Typically, companies like Cloudware rent dedicated servers, which are located inside a data center with very fast Internet speed. Also, you won’t worry about the maintenance of the device, nor the electric bills.

When should you consider getting a dedicated server?

Need better performance

Your site is getting slower and that affects your customers’ satisfaction. It can be either because of the growing traffic towards your site or because of the other users on the shared server.

Now imagine this, the whole resources of the server are yours! You don’t share it with anyone else Your server needs to calculate requests purely for your purposes. Every process core, each GB of RAM, exclusively serves you. This is very useful for big e-commerce sites, which need to process thousands of requests from shoppers. If the speed is not fast enough, many buyers can abandon their purchase which results in fewer sales.


Maybe you have security concerns. You want to provide top-notch protection for your visitors and what your shared server offers is not enough.

A dedicated server means total control. You can provide extra security by choosing all the software for it, limit the weaknesses, use stronger security protocols for connecting, and more.

You won’t suffer from DDoS Attacks directed at the shared hosting you previously had. You won’t get hit because of some “neighbor”.


You need more control. You want to have root access and be able to tweak the machine the way you like. Yes, you will probably need a system administrator, but you can unleash the full potential of the hardware.

A dedicated server is the logical next step for a growing online business. It costs more, but it easily outperforms the shared hosting plans. Think about the previous points and where your business is going. Timely plan it without suffering from downtime. Check out our offers and feel free to contact us at info@cloudware.bg. We can help you with a free consultation based on your needs.

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